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Our History

The online-gambling market has evolved dramatically during the past decade and EM Group has become a niche player in the field of compliance services for this sector. eMoore became one of the first corporate-services providers in Curaçao to recognize the need for such services in 2005, managing to build a reputable name in the online-gambling industry.
Expansion to Malta in 2014, was a logical next step and eMoore has built a solid reputation on the Mediterranean island, which is well known for online gambling.
In early 2018, EM Group acquired EMS Management Services, a competitor in the Curaçao market, and at the start of 2019, eMoore Cyprus was incorporated.

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Our Mission

We provide a broad range of corporate services and online (gaming) solutions, all delivered by the best team in the business with dedication and personal attention.

Our Promise

Be the best choice for our clients by providing boutique-style professional services delivered by knowledgeable, committed and truly global teams.


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eMoore offers compliance and corporate services for online (gaming) companies in Curaçao, Malta, and Cyprus. We provide incorporation, management and key-function services, applications for e-gambling licenses, compliance in the field of the regulatory matters, responsible gaming, anti-money-laundering (AML), and fraud prevention.

EMS Management Services

EMS part of EM Group

EMS Management Services N.V. (EMS) provides compliance and corporate services for online-gaming companies in Curaçao. We take an active role in the incorporation process of a company as well as in the application of e-gambling licenses, daily operations, administration and compliance of the company on a fixed-fee basis.


Office EM Group in Corporate Services, Curaçao, Malta.

Our Offices


Located just north of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is the largest island of the former Netherlands Antilles, and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Due to favorable relations with the European Union, Latin America and the United States, Curaçao has a well-developed infrastructure and offers fiscal advantages. Its highly skilled and multilingual workforce and geographical location with close connectivity with Europe make Curaçao an ideal hub for connecting the Western World and Latin America and, therefore, the perfect place for establishing a business or research-and-development activities.

For more than a decade, EM Group has been Curaçao ‘s fastest-growing corporate-services provider specialized in online gaming. With a strong focus on client relationships, EM Group has consistently outperformed the market. Our Curaçao office is located in a brand-new state-of-the-art building that features modern workspaces for our staff and office space for our clients, all in an industrial setting.

EM Group has been Curaçao ‘s fastest-growing corporate-services provider specialized in online gaming.

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Malta has been an important financial hub for many decades and in 2004, it became one of the first EU member states to implement a legislative framework for online- gambling services. Over time, it has become Europe’s biggest and most-reputable gambling hub, with more than 9,000 jobs, and is home to the most-renowned brands in the market. In 2014, eMoore crossed the ocean from Curaçao in order to establish its Malta office, which currently employs approximately 15 people and has carried forward its brand promise by becoming one of the most-respected corporate-services providers on the island.



Our ‘youngest' office within the EM group of companies is based in Cyprus.
This third largest island situated in the Mediterranean Sea has been a major financial hub for decades and became part of the EU in 2004.
Our team based in Nicosia offers the group the full scope of Corporate Services and it has proven to be a valuable add-on jurisdiction to service the industry.

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