A lot of companies say their team is great. But ours is truly magnificent!

We like to keep it that way, by investing in fun, dedication and teamwork. This not only benefits the team you profit from it too. Feel free to drop by one of our offices and meet them in person.

ArranMcCarthy_Business Development Manager

Arran McCarthy

Business Development Manager - Curaçao

Brenda Stuart

Legal Counsel - Curaçao

Chantal van der Leeuw

Senior Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

Cindy Drommond

Head of Compliance - Curaçao

Flip Humme

Senior Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

Francesca Baldacchino

Legal Account Manager - Malta

George van Zinnicq Bergmann

Founder - Curaçao

Ian Formosa

Director - Malta

Julie Courte

Account Manager - Malta

Lily Kroon

Managing Director - Curaçao

Maria Bon

Senior Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

Stefan Sluijter

Managing Director - Malta

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