EM Group focuses on providing compliance services.

However also provides administration and management services for entities active in the online gaming industry.

Find out what we can do for you in Curaçao, Malta, and Cyprus.

ICON- Compliance services in Curaçao, Malta and Cyprus.

Compliance services

Preserving compliant corporate structures is our core focus, as this ensures reliable and sustainable operations for our clients.
EM Group supports clients in three areas of compliance:

Local compliance: 

  • Assurance of corporate standing in a gaming company’s place of establishment.
  • Compliance with all local laws and regulations.
  • Regular tax filing, license administration, among others.
  • Day-to-day, legally valid and binding business transactions and resolutions for client entities.

Financial compliance:  

  • Financial- and non-financial-transaction monitoring.
  • Compliance with applicable supervision regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.
  • Strong relationship management with banks and financial-services providers.


Gambling compliance:  

  • Compliance with the terms of current gambling license(s) and relationship management with the respective regulator.
  • Fair and legitimate trade to customers of online gambling companies. Compulsive gaming prevention.
  • Restriction of play by underage customers.
  • Fair and transparent access to games, bonuses and prizes.
  • Compliance with various rules in regulated countries.


Fiduciary services ICON- Company Incorporation, Corporate Management, Ban

Corporate services

To maintain our clients’ corporate compliance in the three named areas, EM Group offers the following services:

  • Company incorporation.
  • Directorship and daily management.
  • Registered address and physical offices.
  • Corporate secretarial services and staff.
  • Legal administration of statutory books and records.
  • Bank, merchant and PSP account opening.
  • AML monitoring and daily management of bank payments.
  • Financial administration, including preparation of management reports, financial statements, VAT and tax filing.
  • License-application services (gambling or financial licenses).
  • Responsible gambling compliance and follow-up on regulatory matters.
  • Provision of key-function roles.
e-Gambling license application-ICON-Regulatory Matters, Gaming Licenses & Financial Licenses

e-Gambling license application


A Curaçao (sub)license provides the legal framework for gambling (related) companies that wish to offer services in non-regulated countries. Compared to other remote gambling licenses, the application for this license is significantly faster and more affordable. The license is popular because it is widely accepted by banks and payment processors worldwide.

To obtain a Curaçao gaming (sub)license, a company must be incorporated and operate in Curaçao. EM Group cooperates closely with master license holders and the most-reputable data centers on the island to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

Additional warrants-regulatory developments for Curaçao online gambling license holders

Are you aware of the recent important regulatory developments? Read about them here and find out what impact they will have on your business and how we can assist you to comply in an efficient manner.

Malta and other locally regulated jurisdictions 

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offers two types of remote-gaming-license categories:

B2C License (gaming-service license):

a remote gaming service specifically related to the offering, provision or operation of making a game available for participation by players. Four types of games are offered:

Type 1: RNG-based casino-type games, online lotteries, and virtual sports games.
Type 2: Fixed-odds betting.
Type 3: Poker rooms and peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming (poker, bingo, betting exchange).
Type 4: Controlled skill games whereby the player has the possibility to win prize money.

B2B License (critical-gaming-supply license)

specifically related to the supply and management of material elements of a game; supply and management of software or controlling systems.

Applying for an e-gambling license in Malta requires a substantial amount of paperwork. EM Group will assist you throughout this process, coordinating the gathering of the documentation as well as completion of application forms. EM Group can also fulfill local requirements related to corporate structure and “key function” roles, and continuously support ongoing local compliance matters.

Once applied for, the timeframe for the processing an e-gambling license by the MGA is between six and eight months, pending the timely and complete provision of required documentation. The MGA is still in the process of aligning its organization with the new licensing framework that came into effect in late 2018; therefore, EM takes a conservative approach to licensing timeframes.

7 Reasons why EM Group is your number one choice to support you with corporate and compliance services.


1. Industry Experts

We take care of your administrative hassle so you can focus on your business! As true industry ‘veterans’, EM Group has an unmatched amount of knowledge, experience and commitment to bring to the table. Since 2006 we have been servicing hundreds of clients, both in Curacao as well as in Malta, throughout the full spectrum of their legal operations. From licensing application stage up until keeping them compliant with all constantly changing jurisdictional licensing, AML and reporting requirements.

2. Global Network

2. Global Network

Throughout the past 15 years we have managed to build an extensive international network within the online gaming industry. This gives you access to our endless global network of payment service providers, banks, software providers and anxilary service providers related to the industry.


3. Personal attention

Personal attention in a digital world.
Building on personal relationships in an ever growing digital world has become the challenge of today’s society. We pride ourselves to focus on providing corporate services in a different way. Our team aims to add real value by bringing in knowledge, ideas, responsiveness and personal attention. We try to be that good neighbour that is actually from afar.


4. Around the clock service

Worldwide presence with staff located in multiple jurisdictions to assist you around the clock. Your dedicated expert account manager will provide you with a fast reponse.

5-Save time and hassle

5. Save time and hassle

Is keeping your company compliant with all licensing requirements absorbing to much of your time? While we take care of all administrative requirements, you can focus on reaching your business goals.

6. Customized services

6. Customized services

So many people, so many preferences… We build processes that benefit you and provide efficient solutions to truly fit your needs.

7. A-Z-Services

7. A-Z Services

We take care of the necessities related to gambling license applications and handle your needs in the areas of regulation, responsible gaming and fraud prevention. Raise your game with our compliance and corporate services.

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